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Monster Hunter: The Conspiracy
"A breed of Yian Kut-Ku with a hard black shell and a long mane. Known for its trap avoiding slyness and poison-loaded tail, it is a particularly evil wyvern, so beware!"

Those are words ever since I was young and heard of monster hunting when anyone said the loathsome name of Yian Garuga. Nasty wyverns with a reputation that rivals Rajang and Deviljho.
Who am I? Just a simple scholar for the guild with many years of training with many more years to go. In those years, however, I have slowly uncovered a play that the guild itself set into effect that makes me question our own society. I always though Monster Hunting was a necessity and sport as any hunting is. A monster would appear and it would need tending to one way or another. Sometimes for food, sometimes to protect our very lives.
"A BREED of Yian Kut-Ku" always seemed odd to me. Normally when a similar species appeared, it was a subspecies or some sort of variation of monster. But a breed? This is something that I thought too hard on and found an ugly truth.

Many know the Yian Kut-Ku as a sort of starter-monster for greenhorns in the Monster Hunting business. Their pink, quite weak and even considered cute by quite a few people. Some make good pets for richer folk who wanted something more than a piggy or duck.
Yian Garuga on the other hand is something else entirely, or so I thought. They are deadly and vicious as larger predators found in our world. What they lack in size and brute power as many others, they make up in demonic speed and agility. I've seen many wounds done by their claws and beak done to a man and many end up losing a limb in the best scenarios.

Imagine my horror when I learned that Yian Garuga were not just another relative of Yian Kut-Ku… they literally are Yian Kut-Ku that have been bred by the guild!
I began when I was looking around a part of our library that I was just allowed to read in, but still many of the scrolls and books still were not to be read by me. My curiosity got the best of me when I stumbled across one such title of "Project Kut-Ku". Seemed like such a silly topic to have in such a warned off section of literature and I secretly took it.
Apparently around a hundred years ago, high ranking members of the guild had the urge to hunt something new and dangerous. Many monsters of course existed, but it wasn't enough. Instead, they wanted to breed a new monster that would give them a new challenge. Soon they realized the usefulness of Selective Breeding. The scroll I took was merely the first of many…

Scroll 1: The Candidates
"Today we issued the order to capture several  Yian Kut-Ku from the wilds and keep them in captivity. Simple enough, but a price was raised 5000 per head a wyvern.  Hunters of course did the work and we paid up for many of the beasts.
Within days we had nearly fifty of them and growing. When we reached nearly one-hundred, we lowered the price back down and we stopped receiving more wyverns until further notice. We then sought to find which wyvern had which traits in what we wanted.
Choices were narrowed down into strength, speed, and intelligence as the main goals for what we sought. None of them yet showed any real promise, but we are sure this will change in time."

The thought of capturing so many wyverns at once makes me worry for the species… but truth is, Kut-Ku breed like most annoying pests and seem to be endless. I imagine many farmers are grateful that less a danger is to their lands. Not that Kut-Ku ever posed much a threat.
I searched for the next scroll and found the next several that continued on with the guilds hidden plans.

Scroll 2: Promise
"Many months have passed and we have weeded out some of the less desirable specimens. Several of the Kut-Ku have much potential in the terms of being smart. Strength and speed on the other hand are not as numerous. In fact, only two are strong and none seem to be in the least bit agile.
However we decided to start breeding the ones that show us promise. We shall take the best of the offspring in their fields and make sure that they only survive so they may then be able to breed. In the meantime, we shall search for other candidates we may also use. Particularly those with speed."

Many of the scrolls are not as interesting, so I shall write down the scrolls that hold greatest evidence.

Scroll 9: First Results
"After nearly two years, we are finally seeing greater specimens from the selective breeding. We now have several Kut-Ku who are quite smart and show it as they now avoid the traps and other such tools we attempt to use upon them.
It is also to note that some of them have elongated, sharper beaks then what we see in a normal individual. Realizing this, we have decided to use this and breed this beak into newer generations in which a bite or jab will be more a threat. The thrill of danger is part of the hunt, after all.
At last we also have found Kut-Ku with great strength from recent hunts. We have obtained these ones as well and will use them well."

Scroll 14: Inbreeding
"After several breeding attempts, it seems that offspring that carry the sharp beaks with intelligence is not working well enough. No offspring have had both. A new tactic will be attempted in which we breed the offspring with the parent in hopes the gene will be more prominent and hopefully become more numerous.
Our results were more favorable. Success, but with more than we expected. These offspring were somewhat larger and seemed more aggressive than any previous monster we had bred. We will have our perfect prey yet."

Inbreeding monsters? Seemed like a terrible idea in several ways. Not sure if the wyverns would even do such, but apparently they would. Already as I had read, I was already shocked at the fact the guild began even doing such. I continued on to see if they continued with this ludicrous plan and hoped they would wise up. Sadly, I was wrong.

Scroll 22: A New Breed
"With ever generation the Kut-Ku become ever more different. Beaks are serrated and hooked, and long ears are noticeable. Hair is now noticed around the necks of the Kut-Ku and the end of their tails now end in a spiny stub which I expect that in time, we will breed into a new weapon for this new creature.
The specimens themselves are becoming very domesticated. This is something we do not want. We must instill fear in them and make them aggressive. Aggressive as the terrible elder dragons that attack our forts and towns. We will make a creature that cannot stand the sight of humans, adding to their deadly nature."

I can understand killing monsters for lots of reasons. Revenge, food, defense, sport and the list can go on. But beating a creature so that it may come to hate mankind was simply asking for trouble. No one goes out and beats a Vespoid nest, or crush a Rathians eggs, or even wake up a Lao-Shan-Lung just to anger it. Problems come to us, but we do not create the problem.

Scroll 30: Defense
"The plan to instill natural fear in the specimens has worked perfectly. None of the Kut-Ku look to us for food or remain calm. Now they shy away while some even attempt to attack. Among our techniques and the attacks, we have realized several have exceptionally hard shells and scales that deflect many blades and arrows. A new trait that will help create the ultimate bird-wyvern that will one day be famous."

Scroll 41: Venom
"While we have created two specimens how now have weapons on their tails. Not only do these maces have sharp edges, but are filled with a poison that we now come to fear. It works fast and can kill. We have gone as far as to cap the edges with corks so that we may not be struck with venom.
New coloration is also being noticed by possible result of inbreeding. Purple and occasionally blue, making us all wonder of the blue-Yian Kut-Ku subspecies."

Scroll 50: A New Breed
"The creatures we have long bred now no longer are recognizable as Yian Kut-Ku. They are vaguely similar with behavior that is most frightening. Hooked claws, serrated beak, toxic stingers and hooked talons. Their shells are harder than rock and bounce nearly all weapons, and have full use of their screamer organs which the Kut-Ku and many lesser wyverns do not.
We are close to the perfect prey. So far, we have but a handful of individuals and now we must test them to see if the last thirteen years have paid handsomely."

Indeed, it did… The scrolls show illustrations of these early Garuga. They seem something in between a Kut-Ku and what we know as Garuga. Not a few steps away from them, in truth. I suppose the Guild was proud at the moment, but it eventually changed.

Scroll 51: Yian Garuga
"Today we had a hunter fight one of the new monsters. The battle was satisfyingly short, with the hunter barely surviving. We tested again and again. Each time the wyvern won and some hunters had nearly died as a result. The unpredictable movements, the thinking capacity, the damages and aggression this wyvern shows make it perfect!
At long last, we have created a new challenge. Breeding preparations have been made to create a small flock of the monsters. We will release them on occasion and have them hunted for high price. This is no longer just our own desire for a new hunt, but this is a step for the economy and even war-related purposes.
For the name we choose a fitting title. Yian Garuga: The Lone Wolf."

I am not sure if I should be ashamed for the creation of one of the world's greatest dangers. Even now, Garuga are not always said to be the worst monster to exist. Such titles go to Deviljho and Elder Dragons such as Yama Tsukami and other threats like Shen-Gao-Ren. Perhaps they are, however, since the Guilds own creation apparently got out of control.

Scroll 61: Escapes
"Several times now, the Yian Garuga have shown terrifying behavior. Several Guild members have been harmed from the wyverns tricks or overwhelming aggression. Specimens 5 and 7 are especially crafty. Both have played dead and killed those who opened the cage to remove the body. It took several shots of Tranquilizer to put them to sleep, but not before small rampages have happened.
Security will be increased. Such incidence happen and we will not be deterred because of occupational hazards."

But things apparently went from bad to worse. The next twenty scrolls alone are simply accounts and explanations of guild members being killed and the Garuga becoming ever more dangerous. Breeding got out of control and soon they had several of the devil to deal with. The last few scrolls explain everything.

Scroll 80: Ultimatum
"Our own creations are too difficult to handle. We made a creature too perfect and evil, equipped with all the tools to be as deadly as some of the more dangerous dragons of the world. Worse yet, we have breed so many. The Garuga have retained much of their rapid breeding abilities that Kut-Ku does. We now have a surplus of the creatures and we are afraid to even try to separate males from females.
Not much can be done but to destroy them, but it is proven very difficult. The way they attack the bars of their cages makes them virtually impossible to work with even when contained.
At one point we requested to have a deviljho captured and we just feed the devils a feast of bird-wyverns. We tried it, and in the end the brute wyvern died after struggling with only ten of them. Poisons did the monster in.
This however gave us all an idea. One predator could kill and eat a handful of these creatures at the least. Perhaps the best thing is to release them and allow natures deadliest monsters to fix the problem for us."

Scroll 81: The Plan
"We have released all the Garuga with little casualty and great success. We simply opened the cages and let them free to fly away. Several males began fighting one another before all of them had spread out into the skies. Stragglers were quickly dealt with by the cities strongest hunters and in from this began the question of what they were.
We did well to cover up our project and with no apparent leads. Everyone now believes this is just a new species that did not appear until now. A dangerous, vile and evil species that must be eradicated. Yian Garuga attacks were soon frequent and we have put high prices on the heads of them. We expect the species to be wiped out within the year."

Scroll 82: Failure
"After several years, the Yian Garuga problem has sadly remained. We assumed they would have died out and remainders weeded out. Instead, the species somewhat thrives. They must breed quickly and have taken a nocturnal nature. They avoid many predators and still threaten hunters who happen to come across their territories. Thankfully they seem to share the same habitats as their pink forbearers in forests and jungles. This hopefully will contain them somewhat and we can at least control their numbers. Only time will tell, but we pray to the gods for it to be so."

No other scrolls seem to exist on the project. However its apparent our own guild is capable of some very horrifying acts if given enough motive to do so. In this case ordinary boredom and lust for a challenging, new hunt. This alone has resulted in a new species that thankfully so far has not become more of a problem than it already is now.
I as a scholar have already learned too much and must keep this secret to myself for the better of me. I am sure I would be incarcerated or killed just for knowing what really happened.
However I do fear for us as humans. If the guild can take a somewhat harmless wyvern like the Kut-ku and breed out an evil species such as the Garuga, I fear greatly for what else they may breed out of worse creatures. Perhaps someone, somewhere already has.
A new Rathian appeared in the desert not too long ago. It is black with red claws and eyes, breathing blue flame. Guild says this Rathian is an ancient female that must have come out of hiding. I however wonder if this incredibly powerful and dangerous female is actually the result of breeding out a new monster in another attempt to create yet another challenge. I pray not. The idea of a race of "Ancient" Rathians does sound much worse than a Yain Garuga.

I pray we are better then that…
Last night I was laying in my bed, playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and I was fighting a Yian Garuga... and I thought of its in-game info. "A Breed of wyvern..." and that's where I stopped.
A breed... In Monster Hunter, I never hear the world "breed" for anything. I hear species, subspecies and alteration... but not breed. I hear "breed" I think of a man-made animal that was made for a specific thing.

In short, I put too much thought into something and created a fan-made thing that I thought would sound kinda neat and fun. What if the Yian-Garuga was bred by humans? And bang!

Might be a fun read? I hope. If not, its just a stand-alone thing I did for fun before much else.

Give a read and tell me if ya like, yes?

Monster Hunter and its monsters belong to Capcom and I do not claim a damn thing, so no one is allowed to be butthurt.
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Vagrant-Verse Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny, I actually always pictured something similar to this for their origins. Mind if I do something like it when I eventually get to the bio for the Garuga? I'd reference of course. :D
AkityMH Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh by all means, Crim~. Great minds do think alike, yes.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I thought it was rather interesting.

Always been a fan of the Yain family. Sometimes even the best hunter goes back to fight one just to see how far they have come...and shockingly get his ass handed to him because he forgot the Yain's actions. I'm not ashamed to say this has happened to me, I just blame one very smart Yain that you run into every so often.
AkityMH Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe epic. Strike one!
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Strike one?
AkityMH Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
One that likes it... being weird, so what?
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