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I know Ohio is considered a shitty place around my group of friends... but ya know what? At least it isnt Kentucky. Thank god it isnt Kentucky.

So I am back! And happy to be back, too. I never thought I would be more glad to be home than I am right now. The trip to the south wasn't 100% awful.. but my mother didn't make it much better. When she had to sit middle seat, it was almost pure misery.
But ya know what? The rest of the trip was okay.

We got down there and fished almost as soon as we could. And at first we did okay. We got about three or four Bass, one being a Smallmouth... but would you believe the catfish are insanely common down there? We were throwing One-Knockers, a fast running, loud bait which is made for aggressive predator first. All the same, small Channel Catfish kept eating them. It was insanely amusing to see these bottom feeders attack fast moving baits.
Second day was poor. Very poor. Fish did not bite, period. It was hot and unpleasant. But we made up for it by driving around a bit and going to a 70 acre park that has about 90 animals in Bison and Elk.
But the third day, which was today... WAS THE BEST. All the time we were down there, we found that the rain had risen the lake a few feet and so the gates were open on the Dam that let the lake run into the Tennessee River. Putting into the River was near impossible. So what did we do? ...Ha... We went up to the Dam and threw out for Asian carp! IT WAS GLORIOUS! The Asian Carp are so thick in numbers that every other cast with a hook and sinker resulted in a carp! We caught so many carp that it was ridiculous! I loved it. I got Big-Head Carp, Silver Carp, hooked a Common Carp that got away, and a few Freshwater Herring. My dad was lucky enough to snag a Gar, which got away, but all the same, FUN! Carp were all over the place. Even up near where the water was turbulent as can be, they were jumping up in hordes. There is one sad part to this bounty of invasive species... People just kill them in the hundreds. Many other people were also snagging. Some released their carp, while others chop them up to use as Catifsh bait. Kentucky Lake is full of Catfish as I said... but down the river near the dock to put in was the saddest sight I saw. The banks were littered with the carcasses and bones of countless fish. But not just any fish. All of them belonged to Silver and Big-Head carp. Ribs, vertebrae, and the hard gill plates of many Carp. I know that all Asian Carp are invasive species, but seeing so much possible food go to waste makes me feel real awful for the animals.
I kept two of the carp I caught. The first one I landed, which turned out to be a adult female Big-head, and a male Silver that was slightly longer in body. Cleaning this fish was difficult. They have a lot of meat, but they also have a lot of bones which are hard to get through. We didn't get too much meat from them. Oh well. At least I can say I do got the fish to fry up later.

Besides all that, I took a notice in the local wildlife. Just on the other side of the Cabin Door was a small green frog which stuck to the glass, taking advantage of small insects that were attracted by the interior light. He was cool. There were tons of lizards too, and I found yet another frog smaller in size and brown in color. There were also Bluejays around! I haven't seen a Bluejay in ages around my area. There were also these small snails I wish I got pictures of.

The whole thing was interesting to say the least. I guess I don't dislike Kentucky as much as I did beforehand. I dont wanna go back anytime soon... Especially with my mom.

On a funny note, I drove us into Tennessee by accident. Between ungodly heavy rain and a lack of signs(I think) I drove us over the border. It took longer to get home cause of that. We stopped at the Welcome Center just at the border and learned that due to a lack of signs and such, a lot of people get thrown off as well. Still, I feel embarrassed. 

Least I am home now.


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